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If your wedding day is fast approaching, a great way to make a grand romantic gesture for your future bride or groom is to get a limo for the special day or evening. With a chauffeured limousine service from a reputable local company, couples can travel in style, whether they are going to the ceremony or reception, a special event for the wedding or the airport for the honeymoon.

The Advantages of Renting a Limo
Couples can enjoy the evening (or the entire day) without the frustration of dealing with traffic or parking nightmares. They are free to focus on making sure everything is in place and that the day is going to be as special as possible. It also allows them to partake in their favorite drinks, with no worries about being able to drive safely. A limo takes all the troubles out of the equation and allows for couples to just relax.

Book Early
Once you know what your plans are, it is important to reserve early. Spring wedding season is one of the busiest for limousine and car services, and they book quickly. Many companies are offering spring specials, such as extra hours free of charge. By booking early, you will have a better choice of vehicle, price, and special packages.

Choice of Vehicles and Amenities
Most luxury limousine and car services provide a choice of vehicles, and customers can choose the most appropriate one, depending on whether they are planning a romantic evening for two or a group event. Sedans are perfect for a couple, while stretch limousines and SUVs can carry several couples or a small group. Limo party buses are available for large groups. Prices vary depending on the number of hours booked, distance traveled, and the size of the vehicle. Many companies provide online quotes based on this information, so customers can select a package that fits their budget.

Besides a comfortable, luxurious, stress-free ride, limo services also provide a host of free amenities, such as a complimentary, fully-stocked wet bar, with a choice of alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages. Some provide a TV, DVD player and/or a music system to play your favorite songs. Amenities vary by company and vehicle, so shop around and ask questions if special amenities are important.

Many limousine and car services have hybrid vehicles, so riding in style does not mean that you have to be in a gas guzzler, burning up fuel. Consumers who want a hybrid vehicle can easily find a local company that offers them.

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